The American Samoa Community College Teacher Education Department provides preparatory courses for pre- and in-service teachers in the areas of Early Childhood, Elementary Education, Special Education, Educational Technology, and Teaching Samoan Language and Culture. In addition, the Teacher Education Department emphasizes fundamental theories to pedagogical practices, methods and research that will improve the quality of standard-based teaching as an instrument that reflects best teaching and learning practices

ECE 141: Curriculum I in Early Childhood Education
ECE 142: Curriculum II in Early Childhood Education
ECE 150: Introduction to Parenthood Education
ECE 151: Guiding and Nurturing Young Children
ECE 152: Safety and Health for Young Children
ECE 153: Development in Early Childhood Education
ED 150: Introduction to Teaching
ED 157: Introduction to Curriculum & Instruction
ED 215: Exceptional Children
ED 240: Instructional Technologies
ED 257: Teaching Language Arts to Elementary School Teachers
ED 257P: Teaching Language Arts to Elementary School Teachers Practicum
ED 280: Multicultural Education
ED 285: Teaching Samoan Language and Culture
ED 300: Foundations in Education
ED 301: Educational Psychology
ED 305: Foundations of Curriculum & Instruction
ED 312: Teaching Language Arts II
ED 319: Childrens Literature
ED 325: Principles of Child Development
ED 330: Elementary Mathematic Methods
ED 335: Elementary Science Methods
ED 340: Tests, Measurements, and Assessment
ED 350: Health & Fitness Education
ED 391A: Field Traning I
ED 391B: Field Experience I
ED 410: Social Studies Methods
ED 435: Elementary Creative Drama
ED 440: Samoan Language Methods
ED 490 Student Teaching Seminar
ED 491A: Field Experience II
ED 491B Student Teaching Fieldwork

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