15 Week Session

  • This seminar course is an overview of the student teaching experience, which will outline all regulations and guidelines of student teaching.  The seminar is specifically designed to promote reflection and sharing between student teachers, colleagues, and the college instructor.  Opportunities will be given to the student teachers to share their concerns about their progress, encourage growth, and offer support.  The seminar is designed to serve as a forum for discussion of relevant issues and exemplars that are authentic to elementary education in American Samoa and the United States. (Note: 2 lecture credits)

  • This course provides teaching experience under intensive supervision in a public-school setting.  The ASCC TED faculty and ST field coordinator provide regular observations, counseling, and evaluations.  Student teachers will receive practical experience under the guidance of the cooperating teachers in planning for teaching, managing classrooms, and directing learning activities of students.  Student teachers are given the opportunity to direct the activities of the classroom environment to the point of assuming full responsibility. (Note: 10 credits of field work)

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