15 Week Session

  • Course Description (Current Catalog): This GED Math: Algebra, Geometry, & Arithmetic course prepares you for the Math section of the General Education Development (GED) tests. Watch math video lessons, participate in class discussions and learn about algebra, geometry, number sense, and arithmetic. These lessons are just a portion of our GED math lessons. Study the basic operations of addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division and explore more advanced branches of mathematics through the GED Math: Algebra, Geometry & Arithmetic course. Through our brief video lessons, you'll learn to graph 1- and 2-variable inequalities, calculate mean and median, and measure volume. Our team of experienced, professional educators also will teach you to define zero and negative exponents, execute the Pythagorean theorem and use the FOIL method. This course can prepare you for the math portion of the new GED exam.

  • Course Description (Current Catalog): This course will be test directed for the HiSet test. This class will emphasize social studies skills within the 5 basic social studies content areas: Geography, World History, United States History, Civics and Government, and Economics. The skills chosen are those most representative of the type and difficulty level of skills tested on the HiSet Social Studies Test as of January 2014. This course is designed to be both student and instructor friendly, organizing lessons of core social studies skills identified by the HiSet Testing Service. Each lesson addresses a single skill and provides follow-up practice.