15 Week Session

  • Course Description:
    This course can help you prepare for all areas of the language arts test, including language conventions and usage, writing and reading
    comprehension skills. Brush up on the fundamentals of reading as well as writing mechanics and the writing process. Some of the
    topics you'll encounter on the Language Arts for the HiSET Test include:
    • Different kinds of essays and the process of writing an essay
    • Nonfiction literature
    • Informational text
    • Fiction and drama
    • Grammar
    • Writing revision, word usage and organization
    The basis of this course will discover principles of English, such as grammar, word usage and sentence structure. Some elements focus
    on elements of poetry, since the HiSET exam includes aspects of poetry and prose. The language arts HiSET exam is divided into a
    two-part writing portion requiring an essay as well as a reading exam.

  • Course Description (Current Catalog): This pre High School Equivalency Test (Pre-HiSET) Math course consisting of Numbers and Operations, Ratios and Proportional Relationships, Algebraic Thinking, Algebraic Expressions, Equations, and Inequalities, Geometry, and Measurement and Data is intended to help you build a solid foundation of math skills as you gear up to start preparing for the HiSET high school equivalency Mathematics test. It is organized into seven units course, each containing brief lessons that focus’ on specific skills. Each lesson includes sample problems demonstrating the lesson skills, which also include tips to help you understand math skills and concepts.

  • Course Description (Current Catalog): This course will be test directed for the HiSet test. This class will emphasize social studies skills within the 5 basic social studies content areas: Geography, World History, United States History, Civics and Government, and Economics. The skills chosen are those most representative of the type and difficulty level of skills tested on the HiSet Social Studies Test as of January 2014. This course is designed to be both student and instructor friendly, organizing lessons of core social studies skills identified by the HiSet Testing Service. Each lesson addresses a single skill and provides follow-up practice.