6 Week Session

  • This is a second-year literature course designed for close reading and in-depth analysis of three major genres of literature (poetry, drama, and fiction), including film production, and contemporary Pacific literature. Students will write multiple literary analysis essays and demonstrate skills in evaluation, interpretation, and critical thinking. A grade of C or better in ENG 150 and ENG 151 is required. (Note: 3 Lecture credits)

  • This is a second-year composition course designed for advanced prose writing. Students will demonstrate and integrate the use of sophisticated and original evidence and language and will write lengthy expository or argumentative essays reflecting a variety of local and global issues. Students will be required to adhere to the rules of Standard American English and write comparison and contrast, classification, and argumentative essays and submit a research term-paper. Modern Language Association (MLA) format is required. A grade of C or better in ENG 151 is required. (Note: 3 lecture credits)