The mission of the Criminal Justice Department is to develop and offer the student academic preparation for entry-level career positions in areas of the criminal justice system the United States and American Samoa.  The program provides an opportunity for the student to develop abilities and skills necessary for a career upgrade and/or for transfer to other colleges and/or four-year institutions.  The program encourages students to be cognizant of the social, ethical, legal, political and cultural perspectives of the American Justice System and its impact on the American Samoa System of Justice as well as those of other Pacific Island nations.

CJ 150: Introduction to Criminal Justice
CJ 160 Patrol Operations
CJ 170 Criminal Evidence
CJ 180 Criminal Law and Procedures
CJ 195 Introduction to Corrections
CJ 200 Comparative Justice
CJ 220 Survey of Law
CJ 240 Police Community Relations
CJ 260 Ethics in Criminal Justice

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