Training Sessions for Student Services Staff

The training is desgined to provide the necessary online guidance and support for all Student Services Support staff  in building online support services on the College's MOODLE course management system.

The intent of the training is to train Student Services staff to support the needs of all students online through the development of interactive avenues of communication and services offered congruent to the missions of each student service program, and utilizing online activities, resources, and other communication technologies.

Admission Office

Computer Lab Services

The Student Computer lab provides computer usage and printing assistance for ASCC students on a first come basis. The student computer lab assists and supports students to achieve and progress in their academic studies. Student computer lab is made available for students to apply and check on the status of their FAFSA application. the SCL is also made available to assist with the registration of conitnuing students every semester as part of the registration process.

Counseling Services


The counseling services provides academic, career, personal, transfer, and veterans counseling.  Counseling services assists with orientation of all students; implements outreach activities, offers crisis intervention with follow-up and referral services.  These services are provided to American Samoa Community College students and prosperctive students. The counseling services' goal is to provide quality assistance that will create a safe, supportive, and affirming student environment.  Counseling is available to the diverse student population to assist with their academic needs.

Financial Aid Office Mission Statement

This mission of the Financial Aid Office (FAO) is to ensure student access to, and success in, higher education by helping students and their families apply, obtain and make the best use of all financial resources they are eligible to receive. Through outreach initiatives, we support incoming students in making a successful transition to ASCC. Furthermore, we contribute to the College‘s transfer and retention efforts by providing financial literacy workshops and guidance to our continuing students to help make their academic endeavors attainable, and to help make better life and financial decisions beyond ASCC. While complying with Federal, State, and Institutional regulations and guidelines, we ensure equity and consistency in the delivery of funds to students.

Library Services 

Mission Statement

American Samoa Community College Library, the (LRC), Learning Resource Center, is a center where educatioinal infomational resources are provided for the lifelong learning needs of the total college population and these are bibliographical, physical and intellectual. 

Records Office Mission:

- To ease enrollment procedures and provide all information and services that are available to and/or needed by students of ASCC.

- Will insure the accurarcy, integrity, and security of the Academic Records and offer as many opportunities to support an eligible student in completion of a degree at ASCC.

- We will strive to provide quality service to students, faculty, staff, alumni, and other constituents of the college community.

- This service will also include the progression of students through the academic arena such as Registration, Degree Planning and Graduation.

- The office will provide timely ersponse to requests for transcripts of current and former students.

- Provide particular emphasis toward processes related to Academic Records, Academic Progress, Enrollment Datta, Classroom Support, Academic Certification, and oversight of Academic Policy in regards to the integrity of the Degrees and Certificates offered by the ASCC.

Student Government Association

The Student Government Association serves the students of ASCC by encouraging them to explore activities that provide opportunities for personal growth in individual and group settings. This is fostered through diverse programs and leadership experiences that complement the American Samoa Community College academic programs. To this end, students have opportunities to acquire the necessary tools that will assist them to achieve personal and professional success in their chosen field.


Support the educational pursuit of all students with through the provisional of all quality services, students access, and learning support.

Tutoring Services


To enhance students learning and develop effective study habits, the tutoring program provides instructional support to all ASCC students. The SLA Center offer tutorial assistance to help students improve and increase their chances to succeed in their registered courses and set academic goals.Tutorial services are available to walk-in and referred students for one on one assistance and/or small group sessions. The center also provides computers for students usage and a quiet space to study.